Street Parking

There are a limited number of parking spaces on the city centre streets. You can, however, still park your car in a number of streets. You are required to pay a parking fee between 9am and 11pm, Monday through Saturday. You will have to either buy a ticket from a machine or put money into the parking-meter next to your parking space. Parking in Haarlem is free from Saturday 11pm through Monday 9am.

City center (zone B)

Monday through Saturday 9am till 11pm

€ 4,50 per hour

North/West/South/East (zone C)

Monday through Saturday 9am till 9pm

€2,80 per hour

Schalkwijk (zone S)

Monday through Saturday 9am till 6pm

And on late shopping nights till 9pm

1st till the 3rd hour: € 0,50
Following hours:  € 1 per hour